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Q: I know that I can enter for Bench Sumo at any time from when the new Banzuke is published up to the Friday before the basho starts. However, I want to wait to learn about which rikishi might be absent due to injuries before entering a team. Would you advise waiting until the last possible minute to submit an entry?

A: No we wouldn't. We advise entering as soon as you can. Once you have submitted an entry, you will then be registered to take part in the up-coming basho. You can then change your initial selection at any time, up until two hours before the action starts on the first Sunday. In fact, you will even be sent an email informing you if any of your selections are NOT listed on the Day 1 torikumi to help you. If you leave things until the last minute, you risk missing the deadline, and with it, the chance to take part in that basho.

Q: I have just missed the dead line for initial entries by 20 seconds for a very good reason. If I tell the people involved immediately, will I be allowed to play, despite joining late?

A: No. Late entries are no longer accepted under any circumstance. The reason is that there is quite a lot of work done behind the scenes to set the basho up, once the deadline has passed. Late entries cause problems to those who have given up their free-time to ensure the BS tournament starts smoothly. It is felt that plenty of warning is given before the basho starts, so there is no need for late entries to occur.

Q: I have missed the entry deadline, but wish to claim a public injury (kosho) status, as to avoid demotion on the next banzuke. How can I do this?

A: Normally, you can ask for Kosho status at the web-site. Once the deadline has passed, this is no longer possible. However the Rijicho Jejima is currently accepting requests for kosho status up to 2 pm Japan time on day 15 of any basho. Email him directly at

Q: How can I become a 'Gyoji' to help with the running of the game?

A: The Gyoji posts for the Special Prizes, Hoshitori etc are currently filled on the basis of when the current Gyoji decides to retire. However, everybody can (and are strongly requested to do so!) become a Day-to-day Gyoji to help with the daily commentaries and postings. Just volunteer before the start of every tournament. All Gyojis should send an email to to join the BS Gyoji Mailing List.

If you would like to be considered as a torikumi maker or as a special prize gyoji at some stage in the future, please let Jejima know (

Q: I want to become a 'Day-to-day' gyoji. What do I need to do?

A: Volunteer to become a Gyoji before the Basho starts to the Rijicho ( Say which days you would prefer, and which divisions. On the day of your duty, once the day's bouts are over, you should receive an email informing you that the results grabber has been successful, and therefore the results have been calculated. Then go to and log in with your BS shikona and password. Hit the 'Kekka' button. All the results should then be sent to your email address, and to other gyoji officiating that day. Cut and paste the results for the division that you are responsible for into an email, and add your colour comments. Send this email to the Bench Sumo Mailing List.

Q: I would like to be a Day-to-day gyoji, but I am new to Bench Sumo. Does this matter? Would I be allowed to Gyoji for a higher division?

A: Anyone can be a Day-to-day Gyoji for any division.

Q: I put a rikishi on 4 pts, who I have since learnt has gone kyujo. When the line-ups were sent out, I saw that he was still in my 4 pt slot. Has the automation broken down?

A: No, the automation hasn't broken down. The automation only knows when a rikishi has pulled out of a basho when it grabs the official results for the day. Therefore the line-up email will show your rikishi in the positions that you put them in when you entered for the day. The results email will have your kyujo rikishi(s) correctly moved to the last place(s) on the bench. Therefore, there is no need to panic.