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The best way to learn the simple rules is by taking part in a Bench Basho, and learn as the Bench Basho progresses!

From your entry squad of 10 rikishi, you have until 2 pm (Japan time) to change your line-up for that day's play. To do so, go to HERE.

Here you will be asked to put your squad in order. You can assign five of your squad with points. These five are known as your 'team' for that day. The remaining five are held in reserve (in the case of a tie-breaker), and are known as your 'bench'.

You assign your 'team' with the following points. One rikishi is worth 4 pts, two rikishi are each worth 3 pts, and the other 2 rikishi are both worth 2 pts.

You also arrange the order of your bench. This will be used in Tie-breaker situations (see Tie-breaker rules).

Then if any rikishi on your team win on that day, you are awarded with their assigned points. After your's and your opponent's (see Torikumi Rules) scores are totalled up for the day, the bench rikishi with the most points is awarded a win (or shiroboshi) for the day, the other is awarded with a loss (or kuroboshi). In the case of a tie for points, please check the Tie-breaker Rules.

In the case that you DON'T send in a new line-up, it will assumed that you are sticking with the previous day's line-up. (There is also a 'default' line-up choice on the entry web-page)

If you do not send in a team for day one, it will be assumed that your line-up is in order from your Yokozuna pick down to your 6th lowest ranked Makunouchi rikishi.

The exception to this rule, is that if a real rikishi on your squad goes kyujo from real sumo, he will be automatically placed in last position on your bench, with the other rikishi in your squad being moved up one place. This will be the case, even if you have sent in a line-up for that day, with the kyujo rikishi in a higher- placed position.

Please note, you can be as active (changing daily), or as inactive (sticking with a winning combination) as you like in this game. There is no pressure for you to change your line-up, although sometimes it is very advisable!