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The drone, Derufidurono, will have its squad generated for every basho that it is needed. Its picks will be based upon the picks of the other Bench rikishi within its current division, at the time of Friday 2 pm (Japan time) deadline. IE the drone's Yokozuna will be the most chosen by the other bench rikishi within its division (if two or more Yokozuna get equal picks, the higher ranked makes the squad), and will occupy the 4 pt position for the drone throughout the basho. The two 3 pters will likewise be the most popular picks for Ozeki and Sekiwake, the first 2 pt pick being the most popular Komusubi - in each case if two or more Sanyaku rikishi get an equal number of picks, the higher ranked will make the squad.

The remaining 2 pt pick, and the whole bench (from first on the bench to last), will be done in order of the 6 most popular Makunouchi picks. The most popular pick will take the second 2 pt position on the team, and the second most popular the first place on the bench, and so on. (again, if two rikishi have an equal number of picks, the higher ranked gets preference in the line-up). Even if two of the drone's point picks are against each other on any day, NO changes will be made to its line-up.

If one of the drone's rikishi goes kyujo, that rikishi gets placed last on the bench, and all the other rikishi move up one spot.

As the drone is picked on the basis of a 'Delphinic Poll', its name is 'Derufidurono'. It is eligible for all prizes, yusho etc, and will be promoted / demoted on the basis of its record, as like any other bench player. If it is not needed for one basho (even number of active players), it will get receive kosho status (official absence), and keep the same rank for the next basho. If it is not needed for two basho in a row, it will score 0-0-15 in the second, and will be demoted accordingly.

The drone (like any other player) can fall off the banzuke. If it is needed again in the future, it will start at the very bottom of the banzuke, below all the new and returning players.