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To take part in Bench Sumo, you should do two things:

a) If you are not already a member of the Bench Sumo Mailing List, please send an email to: bench_sumo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you have problems joining the Bench Sumo Mailing List, please send Jejima a private email (jejima@gmail.com), and he will add  you to the list.

b) Go to, and enter at the  Bench Sumo Entry Page by clicking  HERE.

Bench rikishi have until 2 pm (Japan time) of the Friday before any Basho to send in their entries.  

The deadline is Friday 05:00 GMT, Friday 00:00 in New York and Thursday 21:00 in California.

Any player may 'fine tune' their entries (for example to take into account the withdrawal of a kyujo rikishi) until 2 pm (Japan time) on the first Sunday of the Basho.

No late entries (for any reason) will be accepted after the deadline has passed.

(Please check rules on kyujo/retirement of Bench rikishi)

If you have not played Bench Sumo before, click on "I want to join Bench Sumo" in order to tell us something about yourself.

At the Bench Sumo Player Information page, you will be asked to choose the following:

  • Your shikona:- This is the 'fighting name' by which you will be known in Bench Sumo. It is common (but not necessary) to choose a 'Japanese' sounding name for this.
  • Your Home Prefecture. This is where you originate from (ie Leeds, England).
  • Your Heya name. This is where you are living now (ie Hiroshima, Japan).
  • Your Sumo style. Description of how you approach a sumo bout.
  • Kesho-mawashi. Description of the  colourful "apron" that you wear during the dohyo-iri entrance ceremony .
  • Your mawashi colour. Your mawashi gives us an idea of your personality on the dohyo.
  • Your password.  A 3-14 character password to be used to enter the Bench Sumo site. 

New players are added to the bottom of the banzuke (rankings) in order of the time of their Bench Sumo Player Information entry, so the sooner you enter, the higher you will be ranked amongst the new players.

Once you have registered as a player for Bench Sumo, you can click on "Basho Entry Form" to choose your Bench Sumo squad.

  • If you know you are going to be absent for a basho, please either click on the "I'll be absent this basho" button on the Basho Entry Form or the "I'll be absent next basho" from the menu page. See Kyujo and Retirement Rules for what happens when you miss a basho.
  • Your squad for the Bench Basho. This will comprise of the following Makunouchi Division rikishi:- One Yokozuna, one Ozeki, one Sekiwake, one Komusubi and 6 Maegashira rikishi. In the case that one or more of the sanyaku ranks (i.e. Yokozuna, Ozeki, Sekiwake or Komusubi) have no active rikishi taking part in a particular basho, you will be allowed to select an extra maegashira ranked rikishi to fill out your squad. Be sure to check after the Day 1 torikumi is announced on the Saturday before the basho to see if any of your rikishi have withdrawn due to injury so that you can replace them in time.
  • Pre-basho comment. Let us know what your expectations and plans are for the coming basho!