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Each Bench rikishi will be awarded the following points, for beating the following Bench Sumo players, when matched against them in the daily torikumi.

5 pts for beating a Bench Yokozuna
3 pts for beating a Bench Ozeki
2 pts for beating a Bench Sekiwake
1 pt for beating a Bench Komusubi
+3 pts for beating the Bench Yusho winner
+1 pt for beating (any) Bench Jun-Yusho winner(s)

Clarification: If you beat a Bench Ozeki, who also goes on to win the Bench Yusho, you will get 6 pts (ie 3 + 3 pts). If you beat a Bench Sekiwake, who ends up a Bench Jun-Yusho, you will get 3 pts (ie 2 + 1 pt) etc.

The Bench rikishi with the most points based on the above, will be awarded the Shukun-sho or Outstanding performance prize. In the case of a tie, the lower ranked Bench rikishi will be awarded the prize.

To be eligible for this prize, a Bench rikishi must have registered at least 10 points. If no Bench rikishi manages to make this requirement, no Outstanding performance prize will be awarded for that Bench Basho.

To be eligible for this prize, the Bench rikishi must be kachi-koshi (have at least 8 wins).

There is no equivalent prize in the Juryo, Makushita, Sandanme or Jonidan divisions.