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In the event that 2 or more bench rikishi are tied for the lead at the end of the 15th day of a Bench Basho, the following play-off rules will decide the Yusho winner:

The line-up for the final day's play will be used. The rikishi in the 4 pt slot, will be awarded 10 pts, if he wins, the rikishi in the first 3 pt slot will be awarded 9 pts for a win, and so on down to the rikishi in 5th place on the bench, who will be awarded 1 pt for a win.

The bench rikishi involved in the play-off with the most points on the above basis, will then be awarded with the Yusho.

In the case that 2 or more score an equal number of points, then the bench rikishi with lowest ranked 'winning rikishi' will be awarded the Yusho. In the case that the lowest ranked 'winning rikishi' is on more than one squad, then the second lowest ranked, and so on will be used to determine the winner.

In the very unlikely case that there is still no Yusho winner decided from the above, then the higher ranked Bench rikishi can claim the Yusho.