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The Gino-sho or Technique prize is awarded to the Bench rikishi in the Makunouchi Bench Division who has accumulated the highest total number of points throughout the Bench basho. In the case of a tie, the higher ranked of the Bench rikishi will be awarded this prize.

To be eligible for this prize, a Bench rikishi must have scored at least 150 points. If no Bench rikishi manage to make this requirement, no Technique prize will be awarded for that Bench Basho.

To be eligible for this prize, the Bench rikishi must be kachi-koshi (have at least 8 wins).

The other divisions (Juryo, Makushita, Sandanme and Jonidan), also have their very own Technique Prizes. They are called the 'PHILANOMI Technique Prize' for Juryo, the 'sushima Technique Prize' for Makushita, the 'jomojo Technique Prize' for Sandanme and the 'Shomishuu Technique Prize' for Jonidan.

As a spin-off of the Technique Prizes two encouragement prizes have been created. Both of these prizes are awarded in each of the Bench Sumo divisions. The rikishi who scores the least points while still managing to achieve kach-koshi (have at least 8 wins) will be awarded the 'Yaocho Bum award' (In the case of a tie-break, the better score, then the higher ranked rikishi will decide who receives this award).

The rikishi who scores the highest number of points while still getting a make-koshi record (no more than 7 wins), will be awarded the 'No Cigar Prize' (In the case of a tie-break, the worse score, then the lower ranked rikishi will decide who receives this award).