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In the event that on any day, you have the same number of points as your opponent, the following tie-breaker rules apply to determine the winner.

Please note, nearly every tie-breaker is determined by the first set of tie-breaker rules, so do not be put off by the length of these rules!

1. Rikishi on your 'bench'.

The first rikishi on your's and your opponent's bench will be looked at. If one of the rikishi is a winner, and the other is a loser on that day, then the bench rikishi with the winner will be awarded the win.

If the first bench rikishi on the two benches are either both victorious, or both losers, then the 2nd rikishi on the bench will be looked at, and so on down to the 5th bench rikishis.

2. Positioning of your 'team'.

If no winner can be determined from the above, then the position of your winning rikishi on your day's 'team' will be looked at. In the case that only one bench rikishi's 4 pter is a winner, then she or he will be awarded the win. If both 4 pters are either winners or losers, then the first of the 3 pter rikishi will be looked at, followed by the second of the 3 pters, and so on, down to the second of the 2 pters.

3. Rank of winning rikishi in your 'squad'

If still no winner can be determined, then the bench rikishi with the lowest ranked rikishi (from the real Banzuke) with a win that day anywhere in his squad (in the 'team', or on the 'bench') will be awarded the win for that day. In the case that both bench rikishi have the same lowest ranked 'winning rikishi' in their squads, then the second lowest ranked 'winning rikishi' etc, will be used.

4. Higher ranked Bench Rikishi (Informally known as the 'Doitsuyama Tie-breaker rule')

If still no winner can be determined from the above (in the case that none of the rikishi on either squad wins, or if their winning rikishi are identical), then the win will be awarded to the higher ranked bench rikishi (based on the bench banzuke). A win by this final tie-breaker rule is extremely rare.