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Bench Ozeki promotion

The guide-line for promotion to Bench Ozeki is a score of 30 or more wins over three consecutive bashos. The second basho of which, the Bench rikishi in question, should ideally  be ranked in Sanyaku (either Komusubi or Sekiwake), and the third basho at Sekiwake. In the times when a new Ozeki is needed, the guidelines will become more lenient. 

Bench Ozeki demotion

After one Bench basho with a make-koshi (losing record), a Bench Ozeki will be put on 'kadoban Ozeki status'. If the Bench Ozeki then gets a kachi-koshi (winning record) at the next Bench basho, he or she will be reinstated to full Bench Ozeki status. Otherwise, with a second subsequent make-koshi, the Bench Ozeki will be demoted to Bench Sekiwake. The Bench rikishi can regain his or her Ozeki status if at the next Bench basho they achieve 10 or more wins, otherwise they have to start from scratch in the search for Ozeki promotion.

Bench Yokozuna promotion

A Bench Yokozuna hopeful must have won at least one Bench Makunouchi Yusho at some stage in the past. The general guidelines are that the normal minimum requirement for promotion should be two consecutive Jun-Yushos, whilst at the rank of Ozeki (provided that they have previously won a Makunouchi Yusho.)

The Rijicho (currently Jejima),will ask the chair of the Bench Sumo Yokozuna Deliberation Council to convene a meeting. In general, this will be after an Ozeki has just won a Yusho, or good Jun-Yusho.

The Bench Sumo Yokozuna Deliberation Council currently consists of Marushiki (as the esteemed chair), Hakaso, Leonishiki, Sherlockiama and Sakana.

Bench Yokozuna demotion

If a Bench Yokozuna performs (or is performing) worse than expected of such a noble rank, (ie a score of 8-7 or worse), the Rijicho will, depending on the situation, either ask the Bench Sumo Yokozuna Council Chair to publicly comment, or he will ask the Chair to call a full council meeting, and then to report back on their findings.

If a Yokozuna retires, then they will be allowed to return to the game at the rank of Makushita 15, should they wish to do so.