Ichimon Banzuke Rogues Gallery

Chronicling some of Bench Sumo’s finer banzuke moments


Each basho there are those significant banzuke moments (making Sanyaku for the 1st time; becoming a sekitori;
getting to the top of the banzuke; just surviving, etc.) that are special.  For those moments, your ICF gyoji mails
an actual printed Ichimon Banzuke to those lucky few.  This banzuke is more in the form of the real banzuke
(with special Ichimon colors added, of course).  If you get one in the mail, all I ask for in return is your photo
with a traditional (or maybe not-so-tradtional) “here I am” banzuke  pose.


See the current version of the “Traditional Ichimon Banzuke”

Click on the Small Banzuke for an Excel version.

Versions from past basho are found near their "rogue" headers



2007 Aki's Banzuke Rogues

Maguroyama, Aki's randomly-picked GG, shows

off his spot as the sole NPIer on the West-side of

Sandanme. He hopes to join the gang at the top/East in Kyushu.

Frinkanohana hopes for another Doit ICF win

as he grabs for the empty spot where a flagpole should

be -- all the while celebrating his 1st Komusubi spot

Itachi-zeki gets a bit of help finding his

first-ever sekiwake spot on the Aki banzuke.





2007 Nagoya’s Banzuke Rogues

Young Turk Kintsubasa proudly shows his

stuff as he hits his first Sandanme appearance.

(His daddy is very proud) :-)

Doitsugoan Ozeki Flohru shows the benefits of being

on the banzuke committee with his 1st ever showing

as the top-ranked BSer (Um, he actually earned that spot...) :-)




2007 Natsu’s Banzuke Rogues

Izzie-phenom abudisake celebrates a 1st Sandanme

 promotion after tearing things up at Haru

Tate-gyoji Jakusotsu shows his stuff in front of

his modest cottage (T-G salaries must be nice, huh?) :-p



His Randomness, Randomitsuki, is selected as our 1st random GG.

At his 2nd stint as a Sekiwake, the only thing missing

is the ICF flag from his grasp for Massashigawa.


2007 Haru’s Banzuke Rogues

Shomishuu becomes the 1st Jonidan-starter

 to reach Sanyaku

Rijicho Jejima continues his amazing run of 11

straight bashos in Juryo



Takanorappa holds the first printed Ichimon Banzuke while

thanking the banzuke-makers for keeping him in sanyaku J

Kabochajima points out her new starting point

for jumping up to sanyaku J

Izzie Kasamatsuri celebrates his 1st

 Makuuchi appearance