Looking to join an Ichimon? Here’s the place.


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The Delightful Sumo Girls of Bench Sumo want you if you’ve got an inner (or outer) “knightess of the powder-puffs”, “duchess of lipstick”, or “princess of the vacuum cleaner” and “queens of the washing-machines” in you.


Sprechen Sie Deutsches?  This is the ichimon for speakers of the German-language.  It is the first Ichimon to have a Bench Sumo Yokozuna.  Want to be a dew-sweeper?


Parlez-vous français ?  This newest Ichimon gathers together French speakers, and is affiliated with the French-language Info-Sumo Forum.


Do you speak wicked good Boston-ese?  This “Founding Ichimon” ™ is a group devoted to all that is New England – the Red Sox, the Patriots, Fall foliage, Lobstah, Chowdah-nabe (and maybe even a little Calpis J)  Try Pahking the cah in theyah yahd.

North Pole

Would like ice with that?  This rebel Ichimon is made of “Frosties” who eskew the use of any proposed henka button.  You don’t need a parka for this ichimon – igloos are provided.


"The North Pole can be a place where all misfits, non-politically correct persons, robbers, brigands, convicts ... oddballs, creative henka-ers, BS mercenaries hang out. If you fit these categories, or if you just fancy the cold stark wondrous beauty of it all, then do come and join us. Dutch men and women most welcome” (Boltono oyakata, 07/03/03)


日本語を話すか。You don’t need to speak Japanese to enjoy ”Japan’s-own Ichimon”.  This Ichimon is for anyone who has a devotion to Japan.


Do you how to post to a Forum?  The “Forumers” are a team centered on the widely popular alternative to the sumo mail list, Sumoforum.net.  They have a great looking crew of cheerleaders and a catchy Ichimon anthem.


Do you talk? The “Sumo Talkies” call the 'alternate universe' SumoTalk.com Sumoforum.net.  Join them for a rip-snortin' good chat.



What is an Ichimon, anyway?

In short, it’s a team.  It’s a group of Bench Sumo players, who have formed an alliance out of geographical allegiances, common interests, BS ideology or just because. 


Ichimon members play Bench Sumo just like normal.  Ichimon members can even face each other on the BS dohyo.  


Who can join?

Anyone can join an Ichimon. 


How do I join & which one do I pick?

There are now 8 Ichimons from which to choose (see below).  Each has it’s own unique character (and characters) and each will appeal to different tastes.  Take a peak at each Ichimon’s web page. Talk to members. Read some of the previous bashos’ comments.  You are bound to find one that looks good to you.  Ultimately, the choice is totally up to you.  Hey, you can even start your own Ichimon if you can get ten others to follow you.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a note to any of the ichimon members – they’re all a pretty friendly bunch.  If you decide to join, just let the Ichimon oyakata (or one of his/her heya-mates) know.  After that, you are pretty much in.


What’s required from me?

Nothing, other than your undying support for your Ichimon and your teammates.  There’s no paperwork, forms, blood tests or minimum purchases required. J  There are also no minimums required for time playing Bench Sumo, wins-per-basho or rank.  You can change teams or drop out of your Ichimon at any time. It’s all pretty painless.


All ichimons have web pages, so they may ask for you photo (though there are many “masked Ichimoners” out there should you wish to remain anonymous).  There may also be some strange and mysterious initiation rites, also -- but so far that’s only rumor. ;-)


What’s do I get out of it?

Ichimons give you a whole new dimension on the game, but the main point of an ichimon is to make the game more fun.  You get the obvious benefits of being on a team. You have more avenues to take your daily comments.  …And most important, you get the chance to play for the Ichimon Championship Flag


You Ichimon may have mail-lists or forums devoted strictly to them, where you can share strategy, plan evil overthrows of the BS Kyokai or even just chat.  You may get a caricature, digitally enhanced rikishi portrait and/or a kesho-mawashi out of the deal.  Most ichimons also keep statistics and trophy cases, as well.  Basically, you get out of an Ichimon whatever you want to get out of it.